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A lot of students look forward to graduating. That is, until they see their student loan bills a decade later. We have collected 10 steps that will make your graduation much more enjoyable.

  1. Go or Finish at a Second Tier School – Just because all your friends are going to Princeton or Harvard does not mean that you need to. The University of Arizona, Michigan, or Colorado will give you quality education on a much lower budget. Avoid finishing your degree at a prestigious school that will give you a prestigious student debt decades later. The only reason you might consider getting an education at a high ranking school is if you are pursuing a serious career in government or sciences that will pay you very high.
  1. Do Not Procrastinate – Many students see college as a time to relax, party, and occasionally attend classes. If this is your attitude, stop it now. You are not going to be successful in life if you are careless in school. It is better to quit school and get a real job, than to waste your time and tuition money on something you are not really doing. There is a huge glut of incompetent students at many schools of America. They would be far better off financially growing up after high school and entering the workforce.
  1. Try to Begin Paying Off Debt – Get a part time job. Some schools have jobs in the library, cafeteria, or student program office. There are also jobs in the shops and businesses around the campus. Any money you make now is money you will not be paying back later. Set a budget for yourself. Do not buy beer and pizza on your credit card. Stay healthy, and it will improve your grades.
  1. Take Challenging Classes – Because of the high cost of tuition in U.S. schools, college really only makes sense financially if you are going for a highly demanded major. Highly demanded majors are tough, and they are often ignored, despite their lucrative rewards to the graduate. Undergraduate majors in arts, humanities, religion, or social work really do not pay that well. They are an expensive waste of time. Go for degrees that actually pay well, or just do not go to college. Get a real job. Highly paid majors that you should be taking classes are in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Education, economics, business, and linguistics are moderately paid majors that are not as hard.
  1. Get in a Healthy Long Term Relationship – A lot of people meet their future spouse in college. Sadly, they often previously engaged in risky dating and illicit activities. These things can haunt you after graduation and keep you from becoming effective as an individual. Find someone of the opposite gender that you feel comfortable with being in partnership for life. They will add immensely to your mental stability and health.
  1. Have Some Type of Religion – A lot of students these days scoff at religion. They view themselves as above any spiritual accountability. This is why grades and behavior in American schools are plummeting. Lack of higher authority leads to lack of discipline. Have a spiritual advisor and campus group that you are meeting with. They will give you moral support and encouragement. No person is an island. Sometimes the people you meet in a campus religious group lead to future job or relational opportunities.
  1. Prioritize – Do your hard class homework first. Prioritization means you are working when your friends are partying. You get to party when they are cramming at the end of the quarter. Study hard, and you will be glad in the end. Many instructors are happy to meet with students who want help. Most students simply do not. Be the student who prioritizes learning from your professors in class and out of it.
  1. Begin Saving – You will want some money for your life after college. Begin saving up for that now.
  1. Help Others – Do not be selfish. There are probably other students who could use your help. Volunteer and help them out.
  1. Learn from Past Mistakes – Take some time to contemplate and plan each day. Doing so can help you avoid tragic errors.